Attack on the Spiritual Heart of Islam

Author: Irshad Soofi

Publisher: Abd al-Qadir Soofi Publications

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There are misguided people in this strange modern world who continuously attack and seek to demolish the spiritual heart of the religious way of life. They have already demolished the spiritual heart of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism and are now targeting Islam. They vilify authentic Scholars and the Intimates of Allah falsely accusing them of being profoundly misguided to the end of engaging in acts of polytheism (shirk).  They are people who have consciously or unconsciously, joined the ranks of those enemies of Islam who are waging a war on Islam and Muslims around the world. They themselves are unaware that they have become instruments in the hands of those who dismantled the political system of Islam by closing down the Caliphate on the 3 March 1924. The Spiritual Heartland of Islam was handed to the Saudi Family and hence the effective usage of our international parliament, the Hajj, has been reduced to a set of rituals.