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Umar (Radiallahu anhu) requests burial next to the Holy Prophet (salla' llaahu'alaihi wa sallam)

During his Caliphate, Hazrath Umar (Radiallahu anhu) requested to Hazrath Aisha (Radiallahu anha), whether, in the event of his death, she would consent to his being buried beside the Glory of the Universe, her husband Hazrath Muhammad (Salla'llahu'alaihi wa sallam). The Mother of the Believers replied, "I consent to you being buried there."

The room in which our Master was buried had been Hazrath Aisha's apartment. It was in that very room that he had passed away. They had buried our Master where he lay, in accordance with the noble Tradition: "Prophets are buried where they meet with God (wisaal)."

When Aisha's beloved father, the First Caliph, Abu Bakr (Radiallahu anhu), also went to meet God, she had him buried beside the Messenger of Allah (Salla'llahu'alaihi wa sallam). Now the Umar (Radiallahu anhu) wished to be buried there also and had received permission. He nevertheless turned to those with him and said: "Seek Aisha (Radiallahu anha) 's consent to my being buried after my death in the Resting Place of the Messenger."

" 0 Commander of the Believers!" they exclaimed, "You have already received permission!" "Indeed I have:' said he, "but maybe the Mother of the Believers could not bring herself to refuse me to my face. Ask her permission again after my death. If she agrees, take me before the Purified Resting Place and set my bier down in front of the blissful room, saying: "0 Messenger of Allah! We have brought Umar to you." If you receive a sign, you are to bury me in the Prophetic Resting Place, at the feet of the Messenger and to the right. In the absence of a sign, however, you are to bury me in the Garden of the Grove, the cemetery of Madinah the Illuminated."

The day came when Umar left this world, martyred by a Zoroastrian slave. In accordance with his bequest, they again asked permission of Hazrath Aisha (Radiallahu anha).

When she repeated her consent to his burial in the Prophet's room, they took his bier to the Prophets Resting-Place. Imam Ali (Radiallahu anhu) turned to the blessed tomb and cried: "0 Messenger of Allah! We have brought Umar to you." The voice of the Glory of the Universe was heard, saying from within the tomb: "Bring Umar to me".

The room of Hazrath Aisha (Radiallahu anha) is therefore the burial place of our Beloved Holy Prophet (salla' llaahu'alaihi wa sallam), the First Caliph, Hazrath Abu Bakr (Radiallahu anhu) and the Second Caliph, Hazrath Umar (Radiallahu anhu) . The ground where the blessed body of Rasul (Salla'llahu'alaihi wa sallam) touches is one of the Holiest Places in the universe.

Hazrath Aisha (Radiallahu anha) lies buried in the graveyard of Madinah the Illuminated called Jannat ul-Baqi or The Garden of the Grove. Hazrath Hassan (Radiallahu anhu), the grandson of Rasul (Salla'llahu'alaihi wa sallam) is also buried here ensuring that a part of the Holy Prophet (salla' llaahu'alaihi wa sallam) is also in Jannat ul-Baqi. Hazrath Hussain (Radiallahu anhu) lies buried in Karbala in Iraq. Hazrath Uthman (Radiallahu anhu), the Third Caliph is also buried in Jannat ul-Baqi.

Hazrath Ali (Radiallahu anhu), the Fourth Caliph, lies buried in Najaf in Iraq, whilst his wife, Hazrath Fatimah (Radiallahu anha), the blessed daughter of Rasul (Salla'llahu'alaihi wa sallam) lies buried in Jannat ul-Baqi. Although one account says that she also lies buried in the Blessed Room of her father, the Holy Prophet (salla' llaahu'alaihi wa sallam).


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